Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowflakes - Carnival Blog – Jan 2010

Have you ever seen photos of real snowflakes (aka snow crystals)?
Photos were taken from These photos remind me of my childhood memories of cutting paper snowflakes.

You'll need paper and scissors. Use a square paper (you can easily cut one using 8x11” paper). Fold the paper diagonally 4 times, this will create a narrow triangle. At the base of the triangle, cut a half circle making your triangle like a ice cream cone so that your snowflake will not look square. Start cutting shapes on the edges of the triangle. Unfold and there you have your snowflake!

Enjoy this snowflake poem written by Andrea grade 5

Snowflakes float gently from the sky,Slowly they fall passing by.
Twirling and whirling where they might, Millions of snowflakes in flight.
Down, down, they go, Blanketing the ground with so much snow.
Going where they may, On the ground they lay.
Covering all that is bad,Hiding all that is sad.
~~By Andrea. Grade 5~~


  1. paper snowflakes...ahhhh, memories. They were always such fun. My mom would tape mine to the windows. Although as a mom myself now...I think she just did it to avoid having to clean the windows :P LOL!