Friday, June 19, 2009

Carnival Blog - Summers Here!

Summer’s here! My neighborhood is beautifully peace and quite. The weather is just awesome (when it doesn’t hit triple digits!). When it gets this hot I stay indoors and love doing home improvement projects during this time of the year. My home is where the heart is! Here are photos of past summer projects.

Nook Before & After

Family Room Before & After

Notice how warm it feels with the colors? All in all, my interior house was painted with 9 different colors by my husband and I! This summer’s project is getting my studio set up for my Etsy shop! Stay tuned...
During cooler summer days, I spend time in the garden. I love to watch the flowers or trees bloom with vibrant colors of summer. Here are some of my garden photos.

Buganvilia tree & the flower is a dahlia called Elma Elizabeth

Dahlia: Sir Alf Ramsey and Melody Dora
One of my first jewelry pieces inspired by my passion for flowers.

I also have a grape plant which inspired me to make grape cluster earrings!

Do you see the bird nest on the right photo?

Aside from projects, summer time is vacation time! This is a whole new topic....until next time!


  1. Congratulations on your first carnival post!
    It IS amazing how paint can warm up a room. The garden photos are lovely as well as your jewelry.

  2. I am one who HAS to have color on the walls and your photos illustrate exactly why - color is so much better than white! Beautiful photos and gorgeous jewelry!

  3. I love the colors you used to paint your home! When we moved in we painted everything white...and I'm so wanting to repaint everything!
    You find inspiration in lovely places :)

  4. gosh, your earrings really mimic your flowers and fruit. I LOVE the grapes. And the mutted yellow on the walls make your house so warm and inviting. Good show! Great carnival post!

  5. Gorgeous colors! cant wait to see what you do this summer

  6. Congrats for your first carnival post.. Nice earrings!!

  7. Looks like you have busy summers - but that's not all bad! Lovely earrings :) Have fun working on your studio!

  8. great pics - love the earrings! :D

  9. very cool! I love the multi-color look inside - we have a different color for each room too :)